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Having an active membership, committed through monthly pledges, provides a dependable income helping us maintain high standards, pay our bills, and improve our facilities. And, above all, it is your energy that provides the spirit and inspiration to keep the center flourishing. That is priceless! 



1. Please provide the Primary Member information and your desired Couples Membership on this page. 

2. On the following page select "Add Another Household Member" 

3. Enter the Secondary Member information and confirm the Membership level on the resulting form. 

4. Complete the Payment Information


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Choose your Couples Membership below. 

* Membership: Renunciate - Couples: $30/month
Renunciate - Couples: $360/year
Stream Entering - Couples: $60/month
Stream Entering - Couples: $720/year
Awakening Warrior - Couples: $120/month
Awakening Warrior - Couples: $1440/year
Wheel Turning King - Couples: $150/month
Wheel Turning King - Couples: $1800/year
Bodhisattva - Couples: $225/month
Bodhisattva - Couples: $2700/year
Chenrezig - Couples: $325/month
Chenrezig - Couples: $3900/year

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